FU WAH MEDICINE CO., LTD. is an established enterprise in Hong Kong, founded in 1950.

FU WAH is a wholesaler and retailer of generic and innovative medicines, health products, medical equipment, traditional Chinese patented medicine and dietary supplements. It has a worldwide distribution network with agents in both Malaysia and Hong Kong, while being represented in many other countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sweden, Australia, South America and the United States.

FITNESS E-PARTNER is the health management product of Fu Wah. It is a fast & convenient health management tool that can be used whenever needed. Many health testing spots are set up in and outside China.

Hebei Fu Wah Health Service Co., Ltd was founded, which is devoted to community health services in Hebei, and to offer professional, standardized and convenient health management services.

In order to improve its quality and service levels, the company has established a partnership with Aus Botanical Research Institute (ABRI) . Together they have set up an environmentally friendly factory which meets Australian GMP standard guidelines. This factory has the ability to perform many functions including plant research, botanizing and dietary supplement production. These are conducted under the guidance of the scientific theories provided by ABRI, in conjunction with research done in plantations (Australian TGA standard & international GMP standard, and GAP standard). FU WAH has plantation bases in Yunnan Province, China and Laos, which have the ability to perform computerized maintenance of soil, seeds, planting, and extracting. These techniques are critical in creating a new standard for vegetable planting and extracting. The brand name FU WAH Better Sleep was also developed, along with 18 other plant extract product series of dietary supplements. These products were all developed with the guidance of ABRI and in accordance with the laws & regulations of Hong Kong.

The Company is located in No.55 Kaiyuan Avenue, Kwun Tong District Kowloon Hong Kong. It has a Quality Control Department, International Trade Department, Administration Department, Financial Department, Logistics Department and Marketing Department, all of which help to ensure the company’s operations are run efficiently and effectively. They have 8 licensed pharmacists, associate chief pharmacists and senior pharmacists in charge of quality control. These key members are highly trained with many years of experience not only in the field of pharmacy, but also in the operations, management, marketing and distribution of the company’s products. Their expertise ensures that the company continues to set new standards of health.

FU WAH has a readily accessible network information management system, which covers purchasing, logistics, supplier management, customer management, marketing management, inventory management and financial management. The company also offers many types of training programs to aid staff improvement, both personally and professionally.

Through its commitment to health, honesty, continuous improvement, and with research and development at its core, FU WAH seeks to enhance its relationships with future partners throughout the world.